Why our approach is best for you

It is critical that we ensure our health care system does not become solely focused on treating illness; it must address the preventative side of things as well. When you are unwell, having someone who is extremely attentive and invested in your treatment can is priceless. We are your ally to help you through a difficult time! Best part is that we are also here with to support your long term well-being, and workwith your when you are well to keep you well.


Medical Monitoring

Concierge 360 stands firmly by the principle that early diagnosis and prompt treatment of health issues is pivotal to optimal outcomes. That's why, along with standard medical check-ups every three months, our comprehensive Medical Monitoring Program ensures routine supervision from a physician for any potential indicators of illness or abnormality in your health - ensuring maximal effectiveness when it comes to alleviation or mitigating any such conditions.

These visits will feature a blood test that will provide us with all relevant information regarding any medical conditions you may have. This background data along with your Health Concierge's knowledge of available treatment options, will be available to you should you require an intervention.


Preventative Care

To optimize your chances of obtaining the desired outcomes, we shall design a tailored supplementation plan that will be revisited from time to conformation with the assessment of lab results. During dialogue with physicians, they'll conduct clinical examinations alongside evaluating and analyzing test results for determining any modifications in regimen needed.

We do that on an on-going basis so that you are guaranteed to stay healthy for as long as possible.


Emergency Care

Should the unfortunate happen and you or your loved ones experience new symptoms, our state-of-the art diagnosticians are equipped with an array of treatment options to address any concerns. To restore wellness when illness strikes, here are a few measures we take:

- Pharmaceutical interventions
- Custom treatment plans for chronic diseases
- Hormone balancing treatments
- Alternative medical interventions
- Large referral network for specialties


Look Better

Our program gives you access to all aesthetic services within our MediSpa division. You can choose from 100+ services we offer for rejuvenation and self improvement.


VIP Status

All members of our Concierge 360 program enjoy discounted rates on all services available at VMedi Services and VMediaSpa clinics.